60mm Module Low Beam

60mm Module Low Beam

wrench.png60mm Modular Halogen Headlamps mounting instructions

Ideal for:
• Motorcycles

• Very versatile low beam lamp
• High performance in a compact design
• Exceptional performance and light distribution

• Voltage: 12V
• Beam Pattern: Low Beam
• Light Source: HB3 / 9005 12V/65W Bulb
• Power Consumption: 65W
• Housing Material: Plastic
• Optics: Lens
• Lens Material: Glass
• Connection: Bulb Plug
• Approval: SAE (For Motorcycles only) / ECE

• Flush

Single Lamp Includes:
• (1) Lamp
• (1) Halogen Bulb
• Universal Mounting Hardware
• Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions

Part Numbers:

60mm Module Low Beam Lamp 998570001

Spare Parts:

HB3 12V/65W Hella Standard Bulb (Sinlge) DOT/SAE H83165241


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