Halogen Product Range

HELLA Standard range, applications of 12 V to 24 V, for light vehicles and heavy equipment. Complies with SAE/DOT, ECE and INMETRO approval (where applicable).


HELLA Halogen Bulbs - Product Range


Features include: • Produced under HELLA's stringent testing requirements • All bulbs listed below are sold individually

HELLA STANDARD Miniature Bulbs

• All HELLA Miniature Bulbs are designed and engineered with a OE quality standard, a result gained from our years of lighting expertise.

HELLA High Performance 2.0 Bulbs

Features include: • Complies with DOT, ECE and INMETRO when applicable • Re-engineered filament for greater light output* • Exclusive halogen gas formulation for improved performance* • High quality quartz glass with a specialized blue coating • Manufactured under strict HELLA guidelines • An optimal balance of bulb performance and bulb life • 1 year warranty


Up to 50% more light output than HELLA standard bulbs Meets global standard (ECE R37 & SAE/DOT and INMETRO regulation)

HELLA High Wattage

Longer service life compared to standard HELLA bulbs Environmentally friendly, because they do not have to be replaced as often. Excellent luminous efficiency. Excellent quality / price. For off-road use only

HELLA Heavy Duty

Increased vibration resistance. All advantages of standard bulbs. Reduced downtime cost due to less bulb changes.

HELLA Long Life

Up to 200% longer life time than HELLA standard bulbs. Special mixture of halogen gases to achive high durability and increase lifetime.Meets global standard (ECE R37 & SAE/DOT regulation).

HELLA Double Power

Increased vibration resistance. All advantages of standard bulbs. Reduced downtime cost due to less bulb changes.

HELLA Xtreme Yellow

Yellow light that improves visibility under fog, hail and rainy days. Recommended for vehicles in rural and off-road areas.

Optilux Extreme White XB Bulbs

Get as close to Xenon light as you can! Optilux Extreme White XB bulbs give you a radical Xenon look in a halogen bulb, courtesy of our blue coating. These bulbs incorporate Xenon gas for enhanced bulb performance.

Optilux Extreme Yellow XY Bulbs

The Optilux Extreme Yellow (XY) Bulbs are able to provide the vehicle owner with both fit and function. The Optilux XY Bulbs are designed to give you better visibility in extreme weather conditions as well as provide you with the look of the GTS Series race car lights.


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