Twin Trumpet Horn


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Ideal for:
• 12VPerformance for all vehicles
• Dramatic look under your front grille

• Red Plastic Trumpet Horns with Bracket
• Full harmonious and wide sound radiation
• Strong sound
• OE replacement for various applications
• Stylish design

• Voltage: 12V
• Low Tone Frequency: 400 Hz
• High Tone Frequency: 500 Hz
• Sound Level at 6.5ft (2 Meters): 110 dB
• Power Consumption: 72W
• Approval: ECE
• Bracket: M8 mounting screw

Kit Includes:
• (1) High-Tone Trumpet Horn
• (1) Low-Tone Trumpet Horn
• (1) Relay
• Mounting Brackets
• Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions

12V Twin Trumpet Horn Kit (retail clamshell packaging) 007424804
12V Twin Trumpet Horn Kit (display box packaging) 007424801
12V Single High-Tone Trumpet Horn (500 Hz) 007424001
12V Single Low-Tone Trumpet Horn (400 Hz) 007424011


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