4 Pin Time Delay Unit – 5 Seconds


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  • Fixed Timing
  • Meets All Applicable U.S. Safety Standards
  • Stable Electronic Timing
  • Fits into ISO Socket
  • Output SPST Relay
  • Wide Operating Voltage and Temperature Range
  • Snap-On Metal Bracket Optional

Technical Data:

Max Load 20A at 100,000 operations
Operating Voltage Range 9-16V DC
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 125°C

 Operation Description:

• Input voltage must be applied continuously. The output is energized (relay is transferred) when control switch is closed. Timing starts when the control switch is opened. At the end of timing, relay will de-energize. The time may be reset to zero during timing by closing the control switch.

4 Pin Time Delay Unit – 5 Second Delay on Release – 12V H43430011
4 Pin Time Delay Unit – 5 Second Delay on Release – 12V, Bulk Qty: 256 931430017


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