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HERO, is the first ever corner led module that inserts directly into the socket hole of the OE bulb. It replaces a vehicle turn signal, or brake light and then adds warning lights to your vehicle without drilling any holes in factory housings. Say goodbye to long adhesive dry times – and it powers right from the socket, simplifying the wiring process.

HELLA has designed HERO specific vehicle adapters to provide a smooth and tight fit for a variety of vehicles. Check out our vehicle application overview in the Download area below.

HERO goes above and beyond the standard concealed lightheads by also functioning as the original indicator light. The adapters position the lighthead in the exact place of the original bulb which always ensures equal light distribution and good visibility.

Every HERO model is able to flash in all four warning colors – Red / Blue / Amber / White. So, the same HERO lighthead can be used for police and security vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks, roadside assistance and construction vehicles. You can select the individual HERO lightheads to flash whatever color combination you need and connect multiple units to flash in sync.

HERO is designed for Stop, Tail, Turn and Reverse light replacements and comes in 3 different versions/indicator colors.

White designed for Reverse lights
Amber designed for Turn Signals/Park lights
Red designed for Stop/Tail/Turn Signals

HERO 1.0
Our Original HERO series is a regular LED Lighthead, that comes with multiple selectable colors and flash patterns to choose from. Use the 8ft sync/program cable to pick the color/pattern combination you intend to use by applying the blue programming wire to 12V.

The Flex series comes without a built-in flashing controller, every color is “steady burn”.

It is the responsibility of the installer to choose the color and program the flash pattern with an external siren.

The HERO Flex series offers capability of color choice, flash pattern and the synchronization of multiple lightheads. The 8ft siren integration cable holds four individual wires, one for each color (R/B/W/A).

The HERO Flex lightheads have the capability to be operated with a dimmed power input signal (example: cruise/low light mode). Download the Install Manual for more information.


Every HERO Lighthead has all 4 warning colors (R, B, A, W) integrated.
The difference in the part numbers below is just the LEDs that are in charge for the OE indicator function.
Amber OE bulbs for Turn, Park lights require the Amber HERO Lightheads as a replacement
Clear bulbs, used as Reverse light require the White HERO Lightheads as a replacement


Every HERO Lighthead needs an adapter for the install.
The wrap around the shaft of the Lighthead to ensure a smooth install and a tight fit within the head-/taillight housing.

Adapter A1         358118301         Chevy Tahoe, Ford F-150
Adapter A2         358118311         Ford PIU, F-150, Escape
Adapter A3         358118321         Ford Explorer, F-150, F-250
Adapter A4         358118331         Ford F-150, Crown Vic
Adapter A5         358118341         Ford PIU, F-150, F-250
Adapter A6         358118351         Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Escape,…
Adapter A7         358118391         Ford Expedition
Adapter A8         358118401         Ford Explorer
Adapter A9         358118411         Chevy Silverado
Adapter A10       358118421         Chevy Tahoe
Adapter A11       358118431         Nissan Pathfinder
Adapter A12       358118451         F-150 XL/ST-X
Adapter A13       358118461         F-150 XL/ST-X

For the detailed vehicle overview and the different model years look at the Vehicle Overview in the download area on the left. It has necessary information about the different vehicles, install tips and a recommendation on the choice of HERO Lightheads and Adapters for the respective mounting positions.



Spare Integration Cable 358118361

▪ We recommend using “Dielectric Grease” to seal the removed bulb socket and protect the contacts from water and corrosion.
▪ To ensure, that HEROs bulb connector won’t get loose due to vibrations, you can use a zip-tie to strap it tight to the bulb socket.
▪ For interests please contact us at hero.usa@hella.com

Technical Data: • Voltage: 12 VDC
• Light Source: 18 LEDs
• Flash Pattern:
  HERO 1.0: 20 user selectable flash pattern
  HERO Flex: Steady burn (programming is done with the customer provided external controller)
• Approval: SAE J595 Class 2
• Warning Colors: Red, Blue, Amber and White
• OE Indicator Colors: White, Amber and Red
• Housing material: Aluminum
• Mounting: Flush mount
• Connection: 8ft cable with open wires HERO Video Check it out   Download: HERO information brochure   Download: HERO Vehicle specific application Last Update: February, 2023   Download: HERO 1.0 install manual   HERO Install manual for PN 35811801 and 358118711 HERO Install manual for PN 358118611 and 358118621 Download: HERO Harness for Chevrolet Tahoe   Download: First Responder Brochure   Download: HERO Installation Video   Download: HERO FLEX install manual   Download: HERO 1.0 vs Flex Comparison
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