90mm High Beam Xenon Classic


Download a PDF copy of the new HELLA 90mm Series brochure. It features part numbers for both Halogen and Xenon modules and all of the accessories and mounting hardware.

90mm Modular Series




This comprehensive 90mm
installation guide and instructions
(available as a PDF file) contains
detailed information and images
for the different installation systems
and dimensions, as well as for the
installation of 90mm accessories.

Mounting Instructions

Ideal for: • Custom headlamp replacement • Off-road and track endurance racing • Auxiliary driving lamps • Retrofit

Features: • Clear glass lens • Custom design flexibility • 4-point fully adjustable mounting system

Specifications: • Voltage: 12V • Beam Pattern: ECE High Beam / Low Beam • Light Source: D2S Xenon Capsule / T 2-3/4 12V/4W (T4W) Bulb • Ballast Unit: External Ballast - Gen 3 • Power Consumption: 35W • Housing Material: Plastic • Optics: Reflector • Lens Material: Glass • Approval: ECE

Mounting: • Flush

Technology: • Xenon

Single Lamp Includes: • (1) Lamp • (1) Xenon Capsule (Plus 1 Bulb for Position Light) • (1) Xenon Ballast • Universal Mounting Hardware • Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions

90mm DE Xenon High Beam Classic Module with Position Light 008192001


Mounting Frame 157659007
Rubber Cap 145943001
Mounting Hardware Bag 152977001
Connector Plug Set for Xenon Ballast Unit 156151807
Connector Plug Set 156150807

Spare Parts:

D2S 35W Xenon Capsule H83075001
T 2-3/4 12V4W (T4W) Bulb H83050041
Xenon Ballast Unit - 12V Gen 3 007760631
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