• Innovation and change – that’s what the KLED Rebelution beacon stand for.
• The narrow light exit area is setting new standards in the beacon market.
• Unique and unconventional design.
• The low-profile design gives it a stealth look for a perfect vehicle design integration.
• 2-year warranty

Technical Data:
• Voltage: 10-30 VDC
• Flash Pattern: flashing (1 pattern) or rotating (1 pattern/speed)
• Approval: ECE-R65, SAE Class 2 (outstanding)
• Color: Amber
• Power Consumption: 38 / 13 Watt
• Mounting: Fixed mount
• Connection: 6“cable with open wire leads,

Single Lamp includes:
• (1) K-LED Rebelution flashing beacon light

K-LED Rebelution Beacon, Fixed, Flashing, 10 – 30V, amber 455255001
K-LED Rebelution Beacon, Fixed, Rotating, 10 – 30V, amber 455256001


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