LED Light Bar 350


Ideal for: • Long range • Off road use (Driving and Pencil beam versions  ECE approved) • Trucks / SUVs / ATVs / UTVs / Off-road vehicles Features: • Compact LED light bar • 16” (408mm) long and low profile and lightweight at only 1.7 pounds (790 g) • Developed for the special requirements of off-road vehicles and for aerodynamic installation on the roof of truck cabins.  But due to its slim design it can be mounted in various spaces on heavy duty trucks, pick-ups and cars • The rear of the housing is an innovative ribbed design • Effective heat dissipation from the LED electronics through the housing made of thermoconductive plastic • Suitable for horizontal mounting • Stainless steel mounting brackets allow flexible positioning on the vehicle • Double mounting bracket available (sold separately) • 1500 Lumens for Driving and Pencil Beam versions • 2200 Lumens for Wide and Narrow Beam versions (on 'High' setting) • Two intensity light settings for Wide and Narrow Beam versions (220 Lumens on "Low" setting) • 12 V / 25 W, 24 V / 25 W (Multivolt) • Fully sealed and submersible Specifications: • Voltage: Multivolt 9-34V DC • Beam Pattern: Driving Beam, Pencil Beam, Wide Beam and Narrow Beam • Number of LEDs: 12 • Power Consumption: 25W • Luminous Flux: 1500lm & 2200lm • Light Temperature: 6000K • Weight: 1.7 pounds (790 g) • Connection: Wire Leads • Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel • Approval: Driving and Pencil Beams are ECE approved Mounting: • Horizontal • Pendant Technology: • LED • Free-Form Single Light Bar includes: • (1) Light Bar • Mounting Hardware • Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions
LED light bar 350 - Driving Beam ECE approved  958040071
LED light bar 350 - Pencil Beam ECE approved  958040081
LED light bar 350 - Wide Beam with two intensity light settings 958040521
LED light bar 350 - Narrow Beam with two intensity light settings 958040641

Note: Operation of the light unit using alternating current or modulated direct voltage (PWM) will cause premature light failure.



Plastic Bracket 958053803
Dual Bracket 958128811
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