Optilux Extreme White XB Bulbs


Get as close to Xenon light as you can!
Optilux Extreme White XB bulbs give you a radical Xenon look in a halogen bulb, courtesy of our blue coating. These bulbs incorporate Xenon gas for enhanced bulb performance.

Note: All Optilux bulbs are 12V and packaged in hard plastic shells. Off-road use only

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Twin Packs

Type: Power: Part No:
880 32 W H71071212
881 32 W H71071222
893 37.2 W H71071232
9005XS 65 W H71071412
9005XS 100 W H71071422
9006XS 55 W H71071442
9006XS 80 W H71071452
H1 100 W H71070227
H1 55 W H71071242
H3 100 W H71070181
H3 55 W H71071312
H3C 55 W H71071322
H3C 80 W H71071332
H4 100/80 W H71070201
H4/9003 60/55 W H71071352
H7 55 W H71071362
H7 100 W H71070307
H8 55 W H71070772
H8 35 W H71071372
H9 100 W H71070792
H9 65 W H71071382
H10 65 W H71071012
H10 42 W H71071252
H11 80 W H71071032
H11 55 W H71071262
H13/9008 60/55 W H71071272
H16/9009 35 W H71071282
H16/9009 55 W H71071292
HB1/9004 65/45 W H71071392
HB1/9004 100/80 W H71070327
HB3/9005 65 W H71071402
HB3/9005 100 W H71070347
HB4/9006 80 W H71070367
HB4/9006 55 W H71071432
HB5/9007 100/80 W H71070387
HB5/9007 65/55 W H71071472
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