Optilux Extreme Yellow XY Bulbs


The Optilux Extreme Yellow (XY) Bulbs are able to provide the vehicle owner with both fit and function. The Optilux XY Bulbs are designed to give you better visibility in extreme weather conditions as well as provide you with the look of the GTS Series race car lights. Race car drivers prefer a yellow beam because it provides a better color contrast in rainy, foggy and white out situations. The Optilux XY Bulbs produce a crisp yellow light from a bulb that is manufactured to the most precise measurements to provide the exact amount of light needed on the road.

All Optilux XY Bulbs are 12V, sold in pairs, and packaged in hard plastic shells. Off-road use only

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Twin Packs

Type: Power: Part No:
880 27 W H71071172
881 27 W H71071182
893 37.5 W H71071192
894 37.5 W H71071202
HB1/9004 65/45 W H71070562
HB3/9005 65 W H71070582
HB4/9006 55 W H71070602
9006XS 55 W H71071462
HB5/9007 65/55 W H71070622
H1 55 W H71070642
H3 55 W H71070662
H3C 55 W H71071342
H4 60/55 W H71070682
H7 55 W H71070702
H8 35 W H71071072
H9 65 W H71071092
H10 42 W H71071112
H11 55 W H71071132
H13/9008 55 W H71071152
H16/9009 35 W H71071302
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