Rallye 4000 Compact Black


Ideal for:
• Rural, night driving
• Off-road activity

• Zinc die-cast metal housing with matte-black finish
• Optimized Free-Form reflector
• Crystal clear glass design
• 24% smaller than Rallye 4000

• Voltage: 12V DC
• Beam Pattern: Driving, Pencil
• Power Consumption: 55W
• Housing Material: Die-cast Zinc
• Optics: Reflector
• Lens Material: Glass
• Connection: Wire Leads
• Mounting Bracket: Die-cast Zinc
• Approval: ECE (-181 and -191 only) Pencil Beam N/A

• Upright

• Halogen
• Free-Form

Single Lamp includes:
• (1) Lamp
• (1) Cover 
(no cover included for -101)
• (1) Bulb (no bulb included for -101)
• Universal Mounting Hardware
• Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions

Lamp requires wiring harness, sold separately.

Rallye 4000 Compact Black Pencil Beam (w/o bulb, w/o stone shield) 009094101
Rallye 4000 Compact Black Driving Lamp (w/bulb, w/stone shield) 009094181



White Stone Shield (single) 165048001
Clear Cover H87988221
Wire Harness – High Performance (2 lamps)
Clear Color Shieldz – Protective Films (pair) H87988371
Blue Color Shieldz – Protective Films (pair) H87988381
Yellow Color Shieldz – Protective Films (pair) H87988391
Smoked Color Shieldz – Protective Films (pair) H87988401
Rocker Switch, On/Off, Green LED H61923001
H1 12V/55W HELLA High Performance Xenon Blue Bulbs (pair) DOT/SAE H83115202


Spare Parts:

H1 12V/55W HELLA Standard Bulb (single) DOT/SAE H83115001
Lens/Reflector Unit – Rallye 4000 Compact Driving Beam ECE 161825031
Lens/Reflector Unit – Rallye 4000 Compact Driving Beam ECE/SAE (special order)
Lens/Reflector Unit – Rallye 4000 Compact Driving Beam w/CELIS (special order)


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