Rallye 4000 Compact Xenon


Ideal for:
• Rural, night driving
• Off-road driving
• Off-road racing

• Zinc die-cast metal housing with matte black finish
• 24% smaller than Rallye 4000 Xenon
• Modern clear glass design plus stylish FF reflection
• Matte black housing with integrated ignition module
• Waterproof 4th generation Xenon ballast unit with 3′ long shielded cable between lamp and electronic Xenon ballast unit for installation flexibility
• Ballast features disconnect-able plugs between the lamp and ballast unit for improved installation possibilities
• Housing, ring, and bracket made of sturdy zinc die-casting for lasting durability
• Knurled knobs for quick lamp adjustments

• Voltage: 12V
• Beam Pattern: Driving, Pencil
• Light Source: D1S Xenon Capsule
• Ballast Unit: External Ballast – Gen 4
• Power Consumption: 35W
• Housing Material: Die-cast Zinc
• Optics: Reflector
• Lens Material: Glass
• Connection: Wire Harness with Connector
• Bracket: Die-cast Zinc
• Approval: ECE

• Upright

• Xenon

Single Lamp includes:
• (1) Lamp
• (1) D1S Xenon Capsule
• (1) Xenon Ballast
• (1) Wiring Harness
• Universal Mounting Hardware
• Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions
Rallye 4000 Compact Xenon Driving Lamp 009094141
Rallye 4000 Compact Xenon Pencil Beam Lamp* 009094121

* Pencil Beam Lamp (009094121) is not ECE approved


White Stone Shield 165048001
Clear Cover H87988221
Wire Harness – High Performance (single lamp) 149147001
Clear Color Shieldz – Protective Films (pair) H87988371
Blue Color Shieldz – Protective Films (pair) H87988381
Yellow Color Shieldz – Protective Films (pair) H87988391
Smoked Color Shieldz – Protective Films (pair) H87988401

Spare Parts:

D1S 35W Xenon Capsule H83074001
Xenon Ballast Unit – 12V Gen 4 H51855001
Lens/Reflector Unit – Rallye 4000 Compact Xenon Driving Beam 161825071
Lens/Reflector Unit – Rallye 4000 Compact Xenon Pencil Beam 161825061


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