Universal Electric Vacuum Pump


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  • Designed to supplement diesel engines in controlling heating and cooling functions, door locks, cruise controls, trunk release or any other functions controlled by vacuum.


  • 12V DC
  • Sealed motor (inlet port, outlet and pump end)
  • Environmentally tested; humidity, salt, fog dust, air and water leakage
  • Meets on (1) meter (3.28 feet) drop test
  • Electrical Terminals: meet axial force (push/pull) of 40-45 pounds
  • Vibration tested: eight (8) hours per plane; amplitude (peak to peak) 1.27 mm (0.05 in.)
  • Electrical Stress Tested; Load Dump, Reverse Voltage, Short to Power Ground, non-disruptive transients and stall
  • Meets standard corrosion test ASTM-B 117
  • Temperature Range: -25°C to +96°C
  • Weight: 13 grams (11 oz.)
  • Chemical Resistant: 50/50 water, ethylene glycol antifreeze, Dexcon II transmission fluid, Leaded or unleaded regular gasoline, Diesel fuel, Dot 3 hydraulic brake fluid, Ethanol, 25% methanol +5% liquid soap in water


  • Evacuate a 40 cubic inch (minimum) reservoir from atmoshere pressure to 15 inches of mercury vaccum in maximum of 20 seconds.
  • Internal switch turns motor off when the vacuum reaches a maximum of 15 inches of mercury. When vacuum is reduced to a  minimum of 11 (+2 or -0) inches of mercury, the internal switch will reactivate the motor to increase vacuum.
  • Motor draws no more than .65A @ 13.5VDC (average).
Universal Electric Vacuum Pump Type 1 w/Connector Interface H81953011
Universal Electric Vacuum Pump Type 2 w/Quick Connect Terminals H81953021

Spare Parts and Accessories

Type 1: Connector Interface Connector Packard # 12052641
18-20ga. Female Terminal Packard # 12048074
Cable Seals Packard # 12048086
Type 2: Quick Connect Terminals 6.3mm/.25" female Note: Order 2 per pump HELLA # 701235033 or HELLA # 701235034
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